France, Life in Terreblanque

Final year photo project at the ETPA photography school of Toulouse (entirely shot with a Hasselblad camera)

Terreblanque, an atypical community of people in the countryside twenty kilometers away from Toulouse. The place was originally an educative farm for children, the project was launched by artist Jean Michel Rubio and her partner. But after fifteen years, Jean Michel decided to give it a new impulse and turned it progressively into an experimental artistic center. The photographic interest of Terreblanque lies in the unconventional aspect of both the place and the people that live in it. Gaudi-like farm buildings mingle with colorful boats... Between twenty and thirty people live there permanently but the renewal is constant; everyone comes from diverse horizons, from France or abroad but have in common various artistic practices since Terreblanque was thought as a place of exchange and a residence for artists. Through this series of images, I wanted to focus on the strong character of both the place and its inhabitants, how by a fierce common will people can create an environment off the beaten path.