France, A journey from home

Publication: Voyageons Autrement (France)

https://www.voyageons-aut...ete-hors-normes (in French)

I have always been fascinated by the idea of hiking long distances. The very particular lockdown period we went through last spring gave me plenty of time for reading. The idea germinated in my mind: why not walk the mythical GR54 from my home in la Grave and complete its extraordinary loop around the Ecrins mountain range? At the end of this past July, I start my journey from my doorstep carrying a heavy backpack. I could not be more excited: I am off for a two-week hike covering nearly 200 kilometers, crossing 13 mountain passes and cumulating 25 000 meters of vertical difference. A heck of a hike but a nice challenge to tackle. I am enthusiastic about sharing this beautiful adventure together with my friend Amina: hiking around this fabulous Ecrins range we love to explore on skis in winter, discovering new valleys and mountain huts, bivying in wild places, experiencing nice encounters with people met along the way... We are motivated in many ways. We have both travelled a lot to different areas of the world but this time, we love the idea of starting our trip directly from home, using the energy of our own bodies to move around. Adventure and exploration also exist immediately around us and we often tend to forget it.