Switzerland, From the Alps to the Sea

Publication : The Snowboarder's Journal (United States)

February 2020, Ticino mountains in the Southern part of Switzerland. A few days spent with Mattia Fogliani, James Niederberger & Filippo Delzano. Mattia is an avid snowsurfer, skilfully drawing lines with his snowboard and surfboard depending on the seasons. One of the founding members of the 'Alpsea' collective, he recently released the documentary 'From the Alps to the Sea' which highlights those natural cycles and the challenges around their preservation. He grew up in those wild mountains which shaped the deep ecologist he is today. One night, we set off with our headlamps to explore the surrounding snowy slopes and reach a hut nestled among mountains. The following days, we have to deal with abnormally warm temperatures for the season. Is this the beginning of a new normal? Simple moments shared between friends, interesting conversations and reflections about which individual and collective actions we could undertake.