Macedonia, A Balkanic soul

Publications : Voyageons Autrement (France) - TV5 Monde (France) - 7Sky (Switzerland)

It was in spring 2014 that I had the opportunity to travel for the first time to Macedonia, a small republic of the Balkans which was part of the Federation of Yugoslavia and has been independent since 1991. Following an interview of Macedonian alpinist Ilina Arsova for Swiss magazine 7Sky, this woman launched me an invitation to visit her and discover her home country, a place clearly off the beaten track. I felt like contemplating with my own eyes those regions which are rarely highlighted in the media, which abound in natural and cultural treasures. I was far from imagining that this would be the first of several trips, as I have been deeply touched by encounters and places.
Ilina and I have developed over time a profound friendship. This amazing woman is an alpinist, artist and environmental activist. On top of that, she has renovated her grandfather's house and turned it into a cozy guesthouse on the shores of Ohrid lake.
Ski touring, climbing, biking, hiking: the possibilities are simply endless in those wild regions bordering Albania and Greece... Not to mention a top-notch cultural heritage and delicious culinary traditions!