Val d'Aran - Silence

This photo series was exhibited at the BBArt gallery in Baqueira-Beret (Val d'Aran, Spain)

The Vall d'Aran stands as one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of the Pyrénées. A valley of Occitan heritage located in the Northwestern part of Catalonia, it remained a landlocked country for a long time until the drilling of the tunnel of Vielha in 1948. The high mountain pass of the Bonaigua was indeed often closed in winter. It kept a very strong identity and the Aranese, an ancestral local dialect derived from Gascon, is still spoken nowadays. The multi-secular architecture can be observed at every corner in the streets of Arties, Salardu, Unha, Bagergue...The Garonne river has its source in the magnificent Maladeta range. With an old analogic camera and black & white film, the purpose was to shoot a timeless, slightly melancholic series in a winter environment, snow being omnipresent in the landscape.